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The Lounge

Our Hairlounge is inspired by industrial and wooden looks and lots of plants and greenery.

Our interior design reflects a commitment to nature and sustainability. You might find recycled or upcycled furniture, natural materials like wood and stone, and eco-friendly paint and finishes in our space.


The environment reflects our salon’s brand and provides a pleasant experience for both clients and staff.

We are an eco-friendly salon that prioritizes sustainability, natural products, and environmentally conscious practices. 


Cleanliness is a top priority in our salon. The space is well-maintained, tidy, and well-lit. 

We always have some good beats in our space to keep your salon experience fun and relaxed. We choose different playlists from the Spice Girls over Britney Spears up to tropical Chill Beach vibes.



Come in and enjoy the MAVO VIBE…