Balayage & Blondes

MaVo Hairlounge specializes in Balayage and Blondes.

The main difference between those two services is, that a balayage has a more of a rooted natural look and is a bit less maintenance than a bright blonde.
We offer a variety of different techniques for both services.

Balayage is especially effective in achieving that sun-kissed, beachy blonde look and is often chosen by clients looking for low-maintenance blonde hair. The soft, blended highlights mean less noticeable regrowth, making it a practical option for busy individuals.

Blonde hair refers to hair that is light in color, ranging from pale and platinum blondes to warmer golden and honey blondes. Achieving and maintaining blonde hair often requires the use of hair color or bleach to lighten the natural color.
It also comes in a wide range of shades, from cool, icy blondes to warm, sun-kissed tones.

Clients can choose a shade that complements their skin tone and personal style.

Maintaining blonde hair can be more demanding, as the regrowth of natural color is usually more noticeable. Regular touch-ups and glosses may be required.

Depending on the desired result, your schedule and your hair will help you find the right style.

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