Hair Extensions

We offer a variety of Hair Extensions in our Salon. All our staff members have been properly trained in the methods offered.
Hair extensions are a popular way to add length, volume, and versatility to your hair.
There are various techniques for applying hair extensions, each with its own advantages and considerations.

We partnered with Great Lengths, Bellami, Hairtalk, and Aqua Hair Extensions.

Here are some of the most common hair extension techniques that we offer:

Keratin Fusion or Ktips (Pre-Bonded) Extensions:
Small strands of hair extensions are bonded to natural hair using a heat-activated adhesive (keratin bond).
It can last for several months, is very secure, natural look, wide range of colors and textures available.
This method lasts 3-5 months with proper hair care.

Cold Fusion Extensions:
A very similar process to the keratin fusion extensions, this method uses ultrasonic technology to bond extensions to the natural hair without heat or adhesive. Less damaging to the natural hair, long-lasting, natural appearance.
This method lasts 3-5 months with proper hair care.

Tape-In Extensions:
Small wefts of hair with adhesive tape are sandwiched around sections of natural hair. It is a relatively quick application, reusable with proper care, lays flat against the head, comfortable to wear.
This method lasts 4-6 weeks and has to be re-taped. The hair can be reused up to 5 times with proper hair care.

Weft Extensions:
They are versatile for adding length, volume, or color to the hair. Comfortable for a wide range of hair types, lengths, and colors are available.
The hair itself is long-lasting when properly applied and maintained but has to be maintained at the salon every 4-6 weeks.


We offer hand-tied and machine wefts in our salon.

Machine weft extensions are created by sewing or stitching individual hair strands onto a reinforced strip of fabric. This strip is typically made of lace or fabric that is thicker and stiffer. Those wefts tend to be wider, as they are produced using machines. They are often thicker and heavier.

Hand-tied weft extensions are crafted by hand, with individual hair strands tied together using a delicate, manual process. This results in a thinner and more flexible weft. They are hand-tied and usually thinner and more lightweight than machine wefts. Hand-tied wefts are known for their lightweight, natural appearance, and comfort. They are created to be less noticeable when installed.
Hand-tied weft extensions are typically more expensive than machine weft extensions due to the labor-intensive hand-tying process.

The choice of which hair extension technique is right for you depends on factors such as your hair type, desired look, budget, and maintenance preferences.
Consulting with one of our hairstylists and extension specialists it’s essential to determine the best method for your specific needs and to ensure a safe and successful application.

We offer complimentary consultations at our salon.

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